Printing can be divided up into many different kinds of work; silk-screening, carved relief, lithographs, collagraphs, woodblock and acid etching are all part of the world of printing. Giclée refers to CMYK printed on archival paper. Find a selection of giclée prints at the ExcitementAdventure Etsy shop.


  Wolf , Silkscreen

Wolf, Silkscreen

  Flame , Carved relief

Flame, Carved relief

  White Knight , Carved relief

White Knight, Carved relief

  Cloud , Carved relief

Cloud, Carved relief

  Footprints , Silkscreen

Footprints, Silkscreen

  Celestial , Etching

Celestial, Etching

 Girl Falling, Etching

Girl Falling, Etching

 Womb, Carved relief

Womb, Carved relief