Cooperative Snowflake

This was the project that convinced me I could educate people. The fact that people can come together and work on a project together, where each and every person is needed to complete the design is what I thought education was about. Professional educators calls this type of cooperative activity "Cooperative education." It is one of my favorite ways to work.

To assemble a cooperative snowflake follow these three simple steps.

STEP 1 - Ask five to six questions that will enrich the atmosphere of the setting your snowflake is going to be housed. This particular snowflake was used to raise HIV awareness, so I contacted HIV awareness supporters and people who I work with. The display went up at Christmas time. I received all kinds of avante garde and original responses. All of them were very personal, and reminded everyone about the humanity we all share. The snowflake connected us.

STEP 2 - Cutout different sized and shaped hexagons to write your responses. Make sure you have divisions of six. You could have six of one shape, or twelve. All of your shapes should have six sides no matter how you go about doing this.

STEP 3 - Write the answers on your hexagons, and divide up the responses by questions. Paint your questions in large letters so it can be seen from afar. Begin "growing" the snowflake from the center leg by leg. Use foam-core or stacked paper and tape to elevate the hexagons from the background. This will make the snowflake three-dimensional and beautiful to look it. It is the intricacy of a snowflake that ask the viewer to take the time to look at it. STEP 3 will take you time. Aim for the right angle and rotation, but do not slay yourself or whoever is helping you with perfection. Impress, but don't die in the process. This is about joy.