German Arts and Crafts; Christkindlmarket

Catch a Metra downtown to Chicago's traditional German American holiday market, the Christkindlmarket!

That's not all though! There are sauerkraut bratwursts, and a more traditional curry bratwurst that you won't find here in Chicago in the summer months. For the adults, return home with a mug souvenir filled with warm holiday way. It might not be jólaglögg (it's missing the raisins and nuts) but it's just as good!

I spied traditional woodwork there, from beautiful carved gingko leaves and gargoyle like sculptures to paper-craft lanterns. There were candles and chocolates with fruit, and plenty of glass-blown ornaments to take home. The winter atmosphere with a bustling crowd all peeking and competing to see the seller's wares was the most exciting. Like a big congregation of birds.

November 21st through December 24th
50 West Washington and Dearborn in Chicago, IL.