Quinoa Blossoms and Black Boughs

  Quinoa blossoms , Oil on canvas

Quinoa blossoms, Oil on canvas

Wow, these paintings bring back alot of memories; the photographs of Peruvian quinoa in Sausalito, the Benjamin Moore paint samples I assembled journal entry after journal entry of color pallettes, mixing poppy-seed and linseed oil to get just the right consistency of oil paint...

These were a precursor to the Zimbabwe work that I'm going to post up in the book section this week. There were Tibetan plants that went along with these in the desert. No photographs of those though. 

  Yoshino Petals on a Black, Wet Bough , Oil on Canvas

Yoshino Petals on a Black, Wet Bough, Oil on Canvas

The Japanese poem about a black wet bough, and the number and numbers of paint chips and hours spent deciding on the right color for the yoshino cherry blossoms like the one back in Illinois.

  Ocean Waves , Oil on canvas

Ocean Waves, Oil on canvas

And the work made under the moon, next to the sea, in Pacific Grove; waves crashing in and out, in and out onto the shore, the cold and sound infiltrating the blue cottage walls. Each pallette stroke a progression of sound.

All of these works were sold in a gallery in downtown Pacific Grove.