New Work: Sophia and Soul

Sophia: gnostic incarnation of the soul, divine emanation, divine spark; fell from grace. Coming to terms with physical reality. Carl Jung's fourth incarnation of the "anima" phenomenon in the male gender. Symbol or representation of the soft logic, or intuition. Symbol for the light of nature. Knowledge or wisdom that comes into focus, as opposed to immediate almost lightning-bolt like understanding. 

Checkout Husband and the Trolls, works to which these below relate. 

"I'm like a bird, I don't know where my home is, I don't know where my soul is." -N. Furtado 

  Soul Talk , Oil pastel

Soul Talk, Oil pastel

  Soul Somersault , Oil pastel

Soul Somersault, Oil pastel

 Melting Ice, Oil pastel

Melting Ice, Oil pastel