Carmen Hampson is an illustrator and artist working on her first children's book publication titled, A Chicken Duck Named... Chuck. She has a background in biology, chemistry, mathematics and worked as a family nurse practitioner for many years. She began directing her attention to her art 3 1/2 years ago beginning in drawing and watercolor with art teacher Rhonda Kyrias, and Kim Fredericks at Water Street Studio.

She first felt the need to paint after a visit to Sedona, Arizona. Unable to find work in the world that captured her vision, she visited art exhibitions and viewed beginning artist's work. It was a painting of a flower by a painter of only one year that convinced her to dedicate more time to her craft.

In the beginning she was unable to dedicate as much energy to her teachers as she would have liked because of school, work, and her patients. When she began giving her artwork the attention it demanded she could hardly believe how long it had taken her to do so. She looks forward to completing and publishing her first children's book. 

You can very many more of Carmen's works here at her website.